Type I: Brush

Brush calligraphy is the quintessence of East Asian Calligraphy. Here at VECUSA, we give much emphasis to brush calligraphy. By using a brush, every stroke is extremely flexible, and can be controlled by the artist in myriad ways for creativity and expression. On top is a sample of a poem written in brush calligraphy. Click the sample image to learn more about brush calligraphy.

 Type II: Pen

Pen calligraphy can be an excellent choice for artists who plans out each stroke for consistent and careful execution. The sharp and constant strokes gives handwriting calligraphy an entirely unique appearance. Pen calligraphy is also very convenient, as it requires only a writing utensil such as a felt tip pen, and a piece of paper.

 Type III: Fountain Pen/Flat Brush

Fountain pen and flat brush calligraphy creates another possibility for calligraphers. This style creates a sharp edge around the character, and as a result, creates a bold framework that captivates its crisp definition. The elegance of this style of calligraphy suits a wide range of applications.

VEC Alphabet (A-Z)

Below is a list of common Vertical English Characters demonstrated for each letter of the English alphabet. Many styles have been developed for each letter and are shown in the words below. Each style is labeled as “(Letter)(Version): (Word)” Ex: B2: By.

Each letter of the alphabet is listed in the menu below. Click to view.