The VEC Database

The VEC Database is designed as dictionary of VEC Characters. It is arranged from A to Z for ease of reference.

It is also the right place for you to share the VEC characters you’ve created yourself. The documentation includes an image of the VEC character you’ve created, the submission date, your name/ social media username, and your contact info (optional). A screenshot of the database is shown below:

VEC Database

The database documents single VEC characters. Please do not upload works with multiple characters. Instead, please input each VEC character one at a time, or send it together using our contribution page.

The database is for members only. VEC membership is free of charge. You will be automatically become a VEC member if you contribute at least one VEC character you’ve created into the database.

Members who contribute greatly to the database may have the opportunity to work with the VEC inventor directly. If you have any questions, or would like to upload VEC characters in bulk, please contact us.