Stone Seals in Vertical English

Seals are basically stamps engraved on stone or other material. Each seal is manually carved by hand, and contains rough edges and slight irregularities that cannot be exactly replicated. That's why many Eastern countries use seals as official signatures.

By combining the essence of both calligraphy and engraving, seals are great form of art. On this page, you will see some examples, and you'll be guided through how you can create your own seal.

VEC Seals in English Calligraphy

I. Personal Seals

II. Seals for Couples

III. Seals for Art of Logos

How to Make Your Own Stone Seals

The process of creating seals is simple - once you get used to it. In this section, you'll learn how.

Step 1: Select your stone, then write your desired word backwards.

First, select a stone that's suitable for you. The standard seal is a 2.0 cm x 2.0 cm square. Also, because the end result will be the reverse of your actual engraving, it's important to design the seal in mirror-image. To simply this, use an ink-based pen to write out each word to avoid mistakes during engraving.


Step 2: Set your stone on a steady platform.

Use a wooden clamp. This ensures that the stone does not move when you carve it. Remember - you cannot "uncarve" a stone, so do everything you can to avoid mishaps!


Step 3: Select an appropriate chisel for engraving.

Most chisels can be found in specialized calligraphy stores, or art stores. Make sure the metal is rigid enough to carve through stone. There are difference sizes depending on your preference and stone size - pick the one that you feel most comfortable with.


Step 4: Carve the stone.

To start, use a heavier chisel, and press forwards + downwards (not backwards). Try to follow the design layout as originally traced out by your pen. Carve slowly, carefully controlling each forward push.


Step 5: You're finished!

After you've finished engraving, dip your new seal in ink, and try it out! If it didn't work out as planned, don't worry - it takes many tries to get used to the process. Congratulations for completing your VEC stone seal!


VEC seals are only one way to showcase VEC's. Some business use VEC's for their logos. For more information, please see Logo Design page.