Applications of VEC's

VEC's can be used on a wide range of artworks, products, and other practical things. Here are some products shown as a demonstration for your reference.

VEC On Artwork

Here's a sample of the VEC word "autumn" on painting.

VEC on Art

VEC as Calligraphy

VEC's can also be written in calligraphy as standalone art pieces, as shown in this Haiku.

VEC calligraphy poetry sample

VEC in Scrolls

Scrolls are a great format to display Vertical English Characters. Layout may be horizontal or vertical depending on the design of the scroll.

VEC calligraphy scrolls

VEC in Framed Works

VEC's can also be displayed in framed works.

VEC calligraphy poetry sample

VEC on Clothing

The visual appeal of VEC's allows it to look great on clothing.

VEC calligraphy clothing shirts

VEC Tattoos

Some VEC enthusiasts even use VEC's in tattoos.

VEC calligraphy tattoo

VEC on Ceramics

VEC's can also be written on ceramic pottery!

VEC calligraphy poetry sample

VEC on Other Things?

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